My first time in Asia aka JCI Academy

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Where should I start? Oh yea, I went to Japan. Not only was it my first time in Asia, but also that one chance in a JCI member’s life – the JCI Academy.

My journey in JCI started in Lithuania 4 years ago, when I became a member of JCI Sostinė (look it up on Fb, great great chapter). Because of the opportunities that this chapter gave me, I did not only transform as a person and leader by becoming a local president but also met the person of my life. Because of him I ended up in Gothenburg, Sweden. Being eternally grateful to JCI for everything I got, I continued my membership in the local chapter JCI Göteborg. With the help of the superstars in this chapter I was able to ease myself into the Swedish way of living, practice Swedish as well as find friends. I involved myself in different activities and participated in various events. Not without a nudge of my better half, I decided that being a member is great and certainly rewarding but I wanted to test my abilities within the administration of JCI Sweden. Luckily, Daniel Ekman, JCI Sweden National president 2018, believed that I had something to offer. Long story short; I became part of his team as JCI Sweden National information officer and Deputy president with the aspiration to become JCI Sweden National president 2019.

This position comes with responsibilities but also great opportunities, one of them is certainly participating in JCI Academy. The academy is run by JCI Japan, thereby nurturing and preparing the future leaders of the organization for the last 31 years. One delegate per JCI country can participate every year in the academy that will prepare you for your year as national president as well as widen your international network and improve teamwork and intercultural skills. This year I was the chosen one to represent JCI Sweden! What an honor and responsibility!

JCI Academy this year was organized by JCI Himeji in Himeji, Japan, from the 5th to 14th of July. During those days the agenda was packed, no time for slacking! Because the participants are not supposed to spoil the fun for the future participants, I will not talk about the academy day by day or activity by activity, but I will mention the parts that were the most important to me.

First of all, I got a cold shower of reality that not all the people in the world age between 18 and 40 (and yes, that is the age of JCI members) speak English. We had to work a lot in different groups. Just because JCI Japan members were the majority of the participants in the academy, they were the majority in the groups as well. My group had a great mix of people from Benin, Malaysia, Japan, Croatia and, of course, Sweden. And you know what? Language is not the most important thing in teamwork. Believe me, you start realizing how much you can feel the other person without using words. Lesson number one – languages are great, but patience and empathy will go a looong way!

Second of all, I got in touch with my true self once again. If you’ve been around JCI for a while you probably did or at least heard about one or other personality test. In JCI Europe we are keen users of Insights (Google it!). The first time I came across it was during the JCI European academy (shout out to all the participants of year 2014) where we learned about 4 colors and what they represent. Not going deep into the theory, I was super green. Consciously and non consciously. I always cared for others in my circle, team, cared for the feelings of the team and successful teamwork. Despite that, recently I felt that I was far away from my green nature and slowly increased the red energy. In the light of Japan, I was worried that my red energy will take over and the result of the teamwork will be more important than everything else. And you know what? It was not, I deeply cared for all the teammates and them being comfortable working together. Lesson number two – you should always try to improve yourself but you cannot run from your nature!

Third of all, I deeply enjoyed the home stay part of the academy. Meeting different people from very different backgrounds, trying to understand where they are coming from and why they do certain things. Again, this was a part of the academy that brought a lot of humility. Having a beautiful Mika, who has been a gracious host to me, talk about anything and everything was unbelievable. The culture, the experience, the attitude, the deep respect for everything and everybody around you – that is what Japan is about. And I have to say, having to cook for Mika something traditional (sorry my Swedish friends, I was not in the mood to make köttbullar), making traditional Lithuanian potato pancakes and eating them with chopsticks was definitely a thing to remember. Best of all – Mika loved them! Lesson number three – don’t be afraid to dive deep into the other culture, you will only learn from it!

And last but not least, the people. Having an HR background, I was always fascinated with people and their behavior. I can tell you that there were a few times I was close to tears just because of somebody’s journey towards self development and change. Does not matter if it was a Japanese delegate taking a challenge to speak English or my dear friends taking the challenge by it’s horns and kicking the life out of it (you know who you are :)…). Meeting people with different point of view, bonding with the like minded people, this was the cherry on my JCI Academy cake. My buddy Hal, my beautiful Nordic girls Nora, Fanney, Anni, Aušra, Ellimaija (Jonas, you were with us in our hearts), my team Andy, Tony, Nina, Nani, Takaya, Hatake, Hiro, Tee, kick ass friends Keira, Olivia, Claudia, Florian, Stafanie, Sara, Drazen, Vincent, Pepijn, they all made this academy unforgettable! Last lesson – people in your life are a treasure!

Most importantly, thank you Daniel, Ullrika, Charlotta and all JCI Sweden members for the unlimited support that was a part of my successful participation in the academy!

What now? Time to start preparing for the next year’s challenge. Want to take that challenge with me or do you want to know more about JCI Sweden and what we do? Don’t hesitate and contact me!

Still in the spirit of harmony,


We are JCI Sweden, nice to meet you!

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Dear members, senators, alumni, friends,


The first quarter is far gone and we feel it’s time to meet the teams of JCI Sweden that have planned a great year with a lot of opportunities for the members and communities! Here it goes…


JCI Sweden national board

Daniel Ekman, National President

Catharina Peterson, National President 2017

Erik Walhberg, Secretary General

Ullrika Sellman, National Treasurer

Charlotta Strengbom, Executive Vice President Trainings

Simona Bočkutė, National Information Officer and Deputy President



And now the local heroes!

JCI Göteborg

Victoria Peterson, Local president

Simon Boson, Local treasurer

Robert Klackenborn, Executive Vice President Program

Marseda Duma, Local information officer

JCI Halmstad

Hanna Johansson, Local President

Max Angenius, Deputy president and Local information officer

Hanne Göransson, Executive Vice President for membership

Linda Uppman, Local Treasurer  Rebecca

Horvath Sundén, Local Secretary

Mikaela Hellström, Local President 2017

JCI Malmö

Paul Wennerberg, Local President

Constantin Copaceanu, Executive Vice President Business

Daniel Wiklund, Local Information Officer

Stina Torén, Local treasurer

JCI Stockholm

Andreas Lindvall, Local President and Secretary

Per Rylander, Local treasurer

Julio Vargas, Local President 2017

JCI Uppsala

Johanna Engström, Local President

Daniel Roos, Local treasurer

Erik Kapinga, Local President 2017

JCI Sweden has JCI Sundsvall chapter in the team too, information is coming very soon!
It seems like a great team for JCI Sweden in 2018! Interested to join a local chapter and meet these inspiring members? Contact your local chapter president by email ([email protected]) or find chapter’s Facebook page for more info. See you at the next JCI Sweden or local event!

JCI Sweden new project need team members!

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JCI Sweden national board is calling for Your help! We are gathering a team that is going to work on a new attraction for our new members – membership pack. We are looking for one representative of each JCI Sweden chapter that will contribute to reaching one of JCI Sweden goals this year! So what about the project itself.

What is a membership pack?
It’s a file with the most important information for a new member to start in the organization. The content would be designed by the project group, but certain parts will be included by default (JCI vision, mission, values, JCI history).

What is a membership pack for?
This pack will be designed for a new member of JCI Sweden’s local chapter. This pack should give the context for the organization, the deeper insight in the organization, provide useful information about admin related details (email, websites and etc.).

What should be included in the membership pack?
The content would be designed by the project group with a few exceptions. The content was already discussed at JCI Sweden Kick off in January, the notes have been made and they will be discussed again in the project group in the first meeting. Shortly summarizing, the pack could be a leather file, that includes member’s pin and the printed information about JCI, JCI Sweden and JCI Sweden’s local chapter, JCI vision, mission, values, JCI history (to be defined in the project group).

Proposed project group work.
Suggestion would be to have a skype or phone meeting once in two weeks or a month. During the meeting we would discuss the progress, issues, tasks to be done, divide work and discuss the results the next meeting.


Are you interested? Don’t wait and contact your local chapter president or Simona Bockute, JCI Sweden Deputy president 2018, [email protected], for more information!


Riga Calling

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Varje år arrangeras JCI konferenser, kongresser och akademier runt om i världen. Bland annat finns det regionskonferenser. En för Asien och Australien, en för Syd- och Nordamerika och för Afrika och en för Europa. Årets europakonferens är i Riga, Lettland.

Konferensen börjar tisdagen den 19 juni och slutar officellt på kvällen den 22 juni, men inkluderar även en gratis midsommarfestival den 23:e juni för de som kan stanna kvar! Under dessa dagar får du ta del av utbildningar, föreläsningar, inspiration och ett fantastiskt nätverk såklart. Självklart fylls kvällarna med olika fester för JCI medlemmar där nya minenen och vänskaper kan skapas. Vi lovar att du kommer lämna Riga med massor av motivation, inspiration och nya kompisar! Ta chansen och upptäck Riga och vårt fantastiska nätverk!

Early bird biljetter

JCI Sweden har ett fåtal Earlybird biljetter till salu. Om du är intresserad så maila [email protected] med namn, kammare, telefonnummer samt eventuellt senatorsnummer. Priset för våra biljetter är 3700kr. Deadline för att köpa innan de släpps till andra är 19 mars.

Reseledare sökes

JCI Sweden söker en reseledare som kan hjälpa till att koordinera dagarna nere i Riga. Som reseledare vill vi gärna att du hjälper oss samla in kontaktuppgifter till konferensen, utser ett Sverigehotell, arrangerar en sverigemiddag och hjälper oss hålla delegationen uppdaterad under konferensen. Du kommer också ansvara för flaggor och dylikt vid invigningen. Är du intresserad? Maila [email protected]. Ersättning vid detta reseledaruppdrag är 1000kr.

Har du frågor om vad det innebär att vara reseledare vid en europakonferens? Kontakta gärna Victoria Peterson som är en erfaren reseledare ([email protected] eller 0709403564).

Konferensens hemsida:


Sist men inte minns, det finns en Facebookgrupp för JCI Swedens medlemmar, senatorer och kompisar som vill åka på Europakonferensen. Den hittar du här:






Årsmöte i Köpenhamn

Victoria Kongresser

I år så åker vi över sundet i syd för att hålla vårt årsmöte. JCI Sweden har valt att ha sitt årsmöte i Köpenhamn i samband med JCI Denmarks vårkongresser. Ett studiebesök som bjuder på massor med matnyttiga workshops, intressanta seminarier, ett utökat nätverk och en chans att finslipa danskan. Danskarnas vårkongress börjar den 6 april och slutar den 8 april men…

JCI Sweden har fått ett specialpris för lördag-söndag som är giltigt fram till den 5 mars. Därefter höjs priset. Det finns även två rekommenderade hotell men man är självklart välkommen att bo där man vill. Här kommer alla viktiga datum och priser samt en himlans massa adresser. Skulle ni ändå ha frågor så hör av er till nationella styrelsen via [email protected] så får ni svar ifall vi missat något!


HELA KONGRESSEN (fredag-söndag):
Early bird pris: 
1595 danska kronor (cirka 2200 kronor) till och med 5 mars
Late bird pris: 1895 danska kronor (cirka 2690 svenska kronor) till och med 3 april
Inkluderar lunch och middag på fredag, lunch och galamiddag på lördag samt lunch på söndag


Early bird pris (lördag-söndag): 1195 danska kronor (cirka 1600 kronor) till och med 5 mars
Late bird pris (lördag-söndag): 1425 danska kronor (cirka 2120 svenska kronor) till och med 3 april
Inkluderar lunch och galamiddag på lördag samt lunch söndag


* * * * *


  • Cabin MetroArne Jacobsens Allé 2, 2300 Copenhagen
    Four persons bedroom: 580 DKK/two nights/person (approx. 300 DKK/person for one night)
    Double room: 850 DKK/two nights/person (approx. 430 DKK/person for one night)
    Single room: 1160 DKK/two nights/person (approx. 600 DKK/person for one night)
  • Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers, Oerestads Boulevard 114 – 118, 2300 Copenhagen
    Double room: 2135 DKK/two nights/person (approx 1100 DKK/person for one night)
    Single room: 3750 DKK/two nights/person (approx 1900 DKK/person for one night)

Om du bara vill boka en natt genom kongressen så välj då valet ”for accomodation only one day contact JCI Copenhagen”. Maila sedan JCI Copenhagen via [email protected].

* * * * *

Kongressens hemsida: