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About us.

The JCI European Academy is leadership academy and a once in a lifetime experience. The academy provides personal developing opportunities as well as the tools and knowledge to take on leadership positions.
Graduates go on to become outstanding leaders who positively impact our societies locally, nationally and internationally.


The 22nd JCI European Academy will be held on 17-21 August 2018.


Kungälv, just outside of Gothenburg in Sweden, is the place to be.

Apply now!

Application for delegates has opened 29th December 2017.


To apply to the JCI European Academy you must first fill in the application on our web page. Your JCI National President will prioritize the national applicants. Available places will be divided among the JCI National Organizations in JCI Europe.

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“I truly encourage all incoming Local Presidents to attend this event. It will not only give you the ability to prepare for your role but will provide you with a network of friends that will last a lifetime.”Steven Wilson, 2015 JCI Executive Vice President


The JCI European Academy is organised by JCI Sweden. If you have any questions or just want to share your story as an Alumni then let us know!

  • Gamla Torget 2, Kungälv, Sweden


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