Welcome to apply as a trainer or a conference organizing committee (=COC) member for the JCI European Academy!

The 24th JCI European Academy takes place on 14-18 August 2020. As a trainer or COC team member you will be onsite in Kungälv a few days ahead and are ready for online preparation meetings starting in January 2020. If chosen to join our team, you will work hard before, during and even after the academy. But as you might guess – it is totally worth it and much more!
The deadline for sending in your application is on the 31st of December 2019.

GDPR-Policy: All the applications will be stored until the end of September 2020. The information will be shared with the JCI European Academy core organization team and head trainers. Good luck with your application!

Remember to review the questions first, e.g. have a photo ready. And we encourage you to copy your answers for the application to yourself before sending it – in case the internet blows up, you will have the answers as a back-up. You will get a confirmation that the application was sent properly when you receive a copy to your e-mail from JCI Sweden – please add that domain to your trusted mailadresses. Welcome!

Application form

First name:

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E-mail address:

Telephone number in international form:

How to connect with you in social media? Please write your name/adress for Skype, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Slack... all that apply.

Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY):



Do you have any allergies, intolerance or special food requirements (eg. no pork meat)? If yes, please specify:

Are you willing to drive a mini bus or to learn to drive it during the Academy? If yes, do you have a driver's license for a car that is valid in Sweden? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_driving_licence

Attach a portrait facial photo of you (max 3*5cm org.size)

May JCI European Academy publish photos of you?

Maybe - need to check with me

I approve the GDPR policy for JCI European Academy trainer and COC application.

What will you contribute to the EA team?

What is your motivation for applying?

What is the number of your concious position or the primary color in the Insights Wheel?

If you know, what is the number of your less concious position in the Insights Wheel?

Joined JCI in (year):

JCI National Organization:

What JCI experience do you have (roles, positions, projects, etc)?

Where do you see yourself in JCI in 5 years?

Have you graduated from JCI European Academy? If yes - what year and what was your biggest take away?

I am applying to become:
(check all that is of interest)

Indoor trainer

Outdoor trainer

COC member

If you apply as a COC team member, answer the following questions:

What is your best organizer's trick / idea ?

What is your experience in organizing events?

Do you already have in mind what specific area you would like to work with in COC?

If you apply as a trainer, answer the following questions:

How would you, for another trainer, describe the JCI EA training content? (Highlights, tracks, purpose, areas of improvements?)

Have you graduated JCI Presenter, Trainer, Facilitator or equivalent (specify)?

What is your training experience in JCI (which courses, where, how many)?

What kind of coaching experience do you have and how much (schooling, model you use)?

What are your strengths as a trainer?

Approximately how many training hours have you delivered?

Reference! Please provide contact info (name & number) to a reference who has seen your development as a trainer / team member.

What are your strengths in team work?

What are your improvement areas in team work?

How would you like to develop during the JCI EA journey?

If you are chosen, please confirm you can attend all day Tuesday (18/8) post the JCIEA and the the pre-academy activities:

mandatory everyone Tuesday night (11/8) - Friday
Monday (10/8), mandatory COC
Sunday (9/8), recommended by previous COC

What other roles / major events during 2020 do you apply for / plan / know about (which may affect your JCIEA contribution - please elaborate)?

How many years are you willing to contribute to JCIEA? (e.g. for 2-3 years or beyond)