We’ve put together this section to give you quick answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the JCI European Academy. The list will continuously be updated. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, contact the Academy Organizing Committee by sending an email to [email protected]

Application process

  1. The applicant fills out the web application form at www.jcisweden.se/jciea/application.
  2. The National President priorities the list of the applicants from their National Organization. Password and login to the nomination system has been sent to the National Organization’s official JCI e-mail adress (e.g. [email protected]) on 18th February 2019.
  3. Academy welcomes the accepted delegates and sends out the invoice starting at the beginning of May 2019.
  4. The registration is completed when the payment is done.

Schedule with deadlines

April 15 – Last date of application for guaranteed spots of every(* JCI National Organization.
April 28 – Last date for the National President to confirm their guaranteed nominees. After this point also reserves will be invited if we have extra places still available.
June – If places open up, more reserves will be invited in. National Presidents make sure all liable applications are on the reserve list.
July 8 – Last day to pay the registration fee.
August 2-6 JCI European Academy (check the schedule lower down on this page)
(* = Please notice that some JCI National Organizations might have their own deadlines regarding their Annual Meetings and National Board Meetings. Always check your own National schedule!

Guaranteed places: Every European JCI National Organization has a possibility to send in at least three (3) delegates, if the JCI National President has approved and nominated the applications at latest on the 28th April 2019. If the JCI National Organization has more than 1500 members, they have guaranteed five (5) delegates with the same deadline for nominations. The maximum amount of delegates per one JCI National Organization is eight (8) delegates, however we can not guarantee this amount to any JCI National Organization at any point. The situation lives the whole spring when we know more after the 28th April, how many JCI National Organization will use their potential of the guaranteed places. After that we start to give out more places to the people who have been nominated by the JCI National President and are in the queue. All the places are finally confirmed only after the registration fee is paid.

Accommodation before and after the JCI European Academy

If you arrive on Thursday (or even before), you can stay at the hotel Fars Hatt for the special JCI EA price. In the participation fee accommodation from Friday 2 – Tuesday 6 August (4 nights) is included. Any additional nights are at your own costs. More information will be sent to the confirmed delegates.


The prices for the 2019 JCI European Academy are the following:

Normal price 5399 SEK valid for 10 days after receiving the invoice, until 31 May
Second price 5999 SEK valid for 11-30 days after receiving the invoice, until 7 June
Late price 6399 SEK valid after 30 days of receiving the invoice and for all after 10 June

The price includes all course material, accommodation for 4 nights and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from Friday lunch until Tuesday breakfast.

Please remember that any fees your bank charges for international bank transfers are at your own cost. We recommend paying via our partner TransferWise to save the extra costs. See the invoice for more information.

Take into account that international bank transfers can take a few (working) days. Your fee is determined by the date the money are registered at our bank. Reminders with additional fee is only sent to those affected.

If there is a difference between the amount received by us and the amount you are invoiced for (including new price levels), we kindly ask you to pay the remaining amount upon registration.

Information updates

You will receive several information letters consisting:

  1. You receive a confirmation letter with invoice and get the chance to book extra services
  2. Welcome e-mail after the payment, more information about JCI European Academy and the extra services
  3. Pre-assignments and personality profile tasks

There will also be information on our Official Facebook page “JCI European Academy”.

If you do not get any information, please check your spamfilter in your e-mail. In the communication with the delegate, and in the sub-forms, we use the e-mail address of the delegate that was filled in the application. Should you change the e-mail address, please contact the Academy Team.


The Academy Team will organize a shuttle bus service from Landvetter airport to Hotel Fars Hatt for Thursday evening and Friday morning arrivals. More information about the booking will be sent to the delegates.

Public transport

To arrange your own transfer, check out Flygbussarna for getting from the airport to Gothenburg and then Västtrafik for the bus from Gothenburg to the hotel in Kungälv (Hotel name: Fars Hatt). The bus from the airport to Gothenburg takes about 30 minutes and the bus from Gothenburg to Kungälv takes about 25 minutes. Both buses depart every 10-15 minutes. 

Travelling by public transport (Flygbuss + local bus) will cost approximately Flygbuss + local bus 140 SEK per person for a one-way ticket.  

If you are arriving at Gothenburg Airport we recommend you take the airport bus (Flygbuss) towards Gothenburg.

If you are going straight to Fars Hatt, Kungälv you can change bus to Grön Express (name of the bus that belongs to Västtrafik company) at Korsvägen (name of the bus stop) and take the Grön Express straight to the hotel (the bus stop outside of the hotel is called Fars Hatt). You will need one ticket for the airport bus and one for Grön Express. Tickets for the airport bus can be bought in advance through their website or on the buss with a credit/debit card. Local bus tickets can be bought through the app or on the buss with a credit/debit card.

See our video showing the steps from the Airport to Fars Hatt.

If you are staying a few days extra in Gothenburg and going from the city central to Kungälv we still recommend you take Grön Express. Local transport is operated by Västtrafik and there are different types of tickets ranging from single tickets to two day tickets. Single tickets can be bought on the trams and busses with credit/debit card or through the app.

Taxi is also a possibility, with a cost around 700 SEK per ride from the airport to the hotel (make sure to get a price quote from the driver before departure, most offer a fixed price).

Bus from airport to Gothenburg: www.flygbussarna.se/en
Local public transportation, including bus from Gothenburg to Kungälv: https://www.vasttrafik.se/#!/en/

Name of public transport apps:
‘Reseplaneraren’ by Västtrafik AB to plan journeys
‘Västtrafik To Go’ by Västtrafik AB to purchase tickets

JCI European Academy location

The Academy takes mainly place in Hotel Fars Hatt in Kungälv, north of Gothenburg in Sweden. Hotel rooms will be shared during the Academy with other delegates, according to a “buddy” system.

Some parts of the training are held in the nature and forest outside the Kungälv city centre, as well as in Bohus Fortress.

Hotel Fars Hatt
Gamla Torget 2
442 31 Kungälv
Telephone: +46 (0) 303 109 70
Web page: www.farshatt.se

Cancellations and substitutions

If you need to withdraw from participation after payment, please contact the COC as soon as possible. They will look into a potential substitute by contacting candidates on the reserve list. Be aware though that the later the cancellation the more difficult it is to find a substitute. The COC can at no point give any assurance that a substitute can be found.

If a substitute is found, you will receive a full refund subject to a 10% administration charge.

If no substitute can be found, a cancellation fee will be charged, based on the following terms:
For cancellations done before July 8, you will receive a 50% refund.
For cancellations after July 8, no refund will be made.

All cancellations must be sent by e-mail to: [email protected]


Your stay in Gothenburg will be at the very best time of year. The temperature is 15-25°C but there may still be the occasional rain showers.


You will need casual wear for most of the Academy. For the outdoor activity in the forest you will need suitable outdoor clothing; for example, jeans, hiking boots (or similar), warm and rainproof clothing. You may also like to bring sun lotion, insect repellent, swimming costume and an umbrella.

Saturday’s dinner: smart casual.
Final presentations: business.
Graduation Ceremony: black tie (long gala dress) or national dress.

Other things to pack with you

You might want to use a tablet or a laptop during group assignments.
It would be cool if you take your own badge lanyard with you to the academy.


Do not forget to bring enough business cards with you to maintain and extend your network.


Swedish crowns (SEK) – unfortunately not Euros.

We strongly advise you to bring Swedish currency upon your arrival because there will be no or little time to make a withdraw. We still want to inform you that there are several ATM machines about 15 minutes walk from the hotel.

Do I need any money?

All the food and the rooms are included in the price. For lunch, water and soft drinks are served, so if you want something else to drink you have to pay yourself. Alcohol is not included in the price except during the Gala dinner where wine will be served with the food. There will also be one dinner that won’t be at the hotel. Please bring cash!

Schedule during the JCI European Academy

We consciously do not provide you with a detailed schedule. What you need to know is that registration is on Friday 2nd of August between 9:00 and 12:00. The Academy officially starts on Friday, August 2nd at 1:00pm and you are required to be registered and present at that time. The Academy ends with breakfast on Tuesday, August 6th.

Please keep in mind that the days during the Academy are fully booked and you WILL NOT have time to leave the Academy during this time. All modules are mandatory, sightseeing and shopping needs to be conducted before or after the Academy. Tell family and friends that you will be happy to have contact with them again after the academy.

The JCI Achieve and JCI Impact included is not a part of the JCI European Academy schedule/program, but recommended as a pre-academy. see more information below.


JCI European Academy takes no responsibility for the participants’ insurance (health or travel etc). Make sure that your insurance is valid in Sweden and covers outdoor activities. Please make sure to bring your European Health Insurance Card in case an accident will occur. Do not worry… We did not schedule those, but it’s good to be prepared!


In order to graduate from the JCI European Academy, you have to complete pre-tasks on time. Information will be sent to the delegates.


Citizens from some countries require a visa to enter Sweden. The visa application should be made at the Swedish Embassy in your country before departure. We will send an official invitation to those who require one. Please contact the Academy Team ([email protected]) if you need more information.

JCI Achieve and JCI Impact

It is strongly advised to have graduated from JCI Impact and JCI Achieve before you attend the JCI European Academy (but it is not a demand). We will organize these courses on Thursday evening (JCI Achieve at 17.00-20.00) and Friday morning (JCI Impact at 9.00-12.00) before the JCI European Academy starts. More information and registration will be informed to the academy delegates.

Where to reach us

JCI European Academy
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +358 50 3012581
Website: http://www.jcisweden.se/jciea


This page will be updated during the application process. Latest updated on 5th May 2019.