Anna Persson, JCI Gothenburg, JCI Sweden
JCI European Academy Director 2015Anna-contact column

“I was a particpant in 2012 and i did not know what to expect, not more than a very good course, but I never expected what I experienced. I remember the warm and inspiring feeling I had afterwards EA behind. Something had happened, more than a ordinary course could do, it is hard to explain, but the feeling have never left me. I still look back and think about the people I met, what we shared and the knowledge I gained. I learn from it still today, and that, is true learning for life, when you can go back in time and learn even more from the knowledge and experience you gained in the past. I got the opportunity to be part of the COC-team in 2014. It made me see the complexity behind the Academy, and nothing is left for chance. The Academy is well thought through in all aspects, and are still developing. We learn from experience and history, analyze and develope from the past and we put our own footprint on the present, and leave inspiration, without limits for the future.”

1488836_10152893611693469_2428526946263401236_nAnnicka Olsson, JCI Gothenburg, JCI Sweden
JCI European Academy Director 2009 and 2010

Have you ever signed up for an event ”just for fun”, not knowing anything about it but instead of not doing anything – why not?  That’s what I did 2007, and that turned out to be one of the most amazing thing I´ve done so:

What was so special with EA? 5 years in COC team and two as director I learnt a lot. About myself and what I’m able to do during tough situations, to step out of my comfort zone to deliver the best to the participants. The energy from those attending and to see their search for knowledge and skills to use for the upcoming JCI year as a leader is amazing to watch.

The strength as a person, growing from very shy and barely speaking, to just a few years later stand in front of a large group of people and deliver a speech in English and liking it. As a person that likes to have control, and to let that go during different situations and still being able to deliver – that is just few of the amazing things I have learnt from the EA.

The network I have gained during the years have made many trips around Europe more fun, to just send an email to persons in the city I’m arriving to and meet up with new friends, and to also attend their local JCI events.

If you have the chance, as a participant or as a part of the COC team – take it! This will be the best thing you have done!


David Segaut, JCI Nevers, JCI France
COC member EA 2013 and 2014david seguat

My JCI European Academy started with a drink in Gothenburg where I proposed my support to the COC.

Taking part as a COC member to a European event is an incredible experience with an intense program that made me realize how to better organize my meetings with my customers. This is a very positive intercultural atmosphere that delegates follow three days long.

An intense Academy where you learn how to be patient, to listen to people’s needs and how to deal with different cultures. The JCI European Academy was for me the beginning in my process of how to delegate task to others… still working on it! Take part in the JCI European Academy and experiment how the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations!