Steven Wilson,SteveWilson
2015 JCI Executive Vice President for Europe

“I can safely say that if I did not attend the JCI European Academy in 2010 I would not be where I am today. It gave me the inspiration and motivation to truly embrace JCI and lit a spark that will stay alight for the rest of my life. I truly encourage all incoming Local Presidents to attend this event. It will not only give you the ability to prepare for your role but will provide you with a network of friends that will last a lifetime. Within JCI in Europe the JCI European Academy is held in high regard, providing invaluable training for the future leaders of this great organisation and positioning Europe superbly within the world of JCI.”

DeDexterDashxter Dash, JCI London, JCI UK

Most Outstanding Delegate EA 2013
Local President JCI London 2014

I believe that we all have the capacity to be effective leaders, and during the European Academy I went a long way into learning what it might mean for me to personally excel as a Leader. With so many nationalities, cultural differences and idioms of language the intensity of the training course certainly tested us all. As Local President of JCI London, the experience has been invaluable to my presidency. When I returned from the European Academy I immediately changed jobs and am far happier in my professional life. Leadership among many things, is about people and I can honestly say that even my personal relationships have developed positively. I’d recommend the academy to any one open to challenging their perception of leadership, who is willing to acknowledge their weaknesses and become stronger by doing so.

What is your best memory of JCI European Academy?

Claudia Chinello

Claudia Chinello, JCI Zurichsee, Switzerland

One of the best things I learned is that, as a leader, we often forget to involve the quiet ones in a group. And they often know it best. I really learned to listen.

Frank Skov

Frank Skov, JCI Ørestad, Denmark

Where else can you get into an argument over group strategy in the middle of the night with the JCI World President listening in?!

Barbara Sturn

Barbara Sturn, JCI Göteborg, Sweden

The EA, with its diversity of delegates, excellent trainers, intense trainings & night-long group work, was an outstanding opportunity to experience my strengths and personal boundaries, both as leader and group member, under stressful but yet so familiar situations!

What did you get out of attending the EA?

David Haglund, JCI Sweden
“The opportunity to participate in the JCI European Academy is a unique experience that you won’t forget.  You will get the chance to be a part of trainings and exercises that gives you personal insight and fantastic knowledge that gives you a brilliant start in the coming year as local president. You will build a European network that is unique. The persons that i have met, and the experiences that i got during the JCI European Academy has helped me tremendously, both as a leader within JCI and at work.”

Pär Jonsson, JCI Sweden 
“I would really recommend every member who has the chance to go to JCIEA, to take that chance. The Academy gave me deep insight about myself as a leader, myself as a team member and myself as a friend. The combination of theoretical studying and practical use is a guarantee for long term knowledge. And the best part is of course that you will meet a lot of awesome people from all over Europe.”

Why should people want to participate?

Razvan Balan, JCI Romania
“The JCI European Academy is the ideal place to discover your communication and leadership skills and how to used them to create impact, first, in your team then in your community. The Academy will provide guidance and assistance for you to become a better speaker and a better leader.”

Fabio Crespy, JCI Italy
“I can tell you definetly, JCI European Academy is able to change yourself. I understood many things about myself, I discovered that inside me there is something more than I thought there was already. I realized how important the people around you are. The society, from the small (personal relationships, professional relationships, the local community) to the great (regions, nations, continents) is not held up only with the rules, but with people. The people themselves are the ones who support the society. It is people who can implement positive changes!”

Louis-philippe Loncke, JCI Brussels, Belgium
“At the EA, I learnt about myself but I learnt a lot about the others, their expectations, different sensibilities. This is very important to understand how to behave is a leadership role. You can’t learn this in a book or at school. Only the Academy with open Jaycees allow this to be possible. And you make great friends. You should not hesitate to join.”

Christian Lund, JCI Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
“JCI EA 2014 not only blew me off my feet, it visibly demonstrated the positive impact JCI can make, testing every emotion starting the moment you engage on this very prestigious and well organised academy. If ever you want a 360° review of your true leadership qualities with unique people in picturesque surroundings, be under no illusion this is a must for any JCI member looking to enhance international aspects of personal development. Pure good clean fun, connecting you to the dream team for life….”.

Hélène Evrard, JCI Boulogne Côte d’Opale, France
It is the best opportunity to learn what you have in your guts as a leader and how to deal with crisis, your team… and even yourself!

Thomas Grønbæk, JCI Vejle, Denmark
If you want to become a better leader and know yourself better – join.

Paul Widger, JCI Manchester, United Kingdom
EA was the best training course I’ve ever been on. The learning is fundamental to understanding yourself and teams. I have gained confidence, skills and friends for life.

Three words to describe the EA Experience:

International network

Amazing, eye-opening, unforgettable!

/Lauri Valtonen, JCI Pori, Finland

Lotta Hanski

Essential, Addicting, Fun

/Lotta Hanski (Soini), JCI Havis Amanda, Helsinki, Finland

David Pihen

Unique, Intense, Joyful

/David Pihen, JCI Geneva, Switzerland


Anu Salminen, JCI Finland:

The European Academy is by far the best training I’ve ever attended. Make sure to apply for this once in a lifetime experience when you have the chance! The training is intense and you will learn a lot about leadership, different personalities and teamwork. You will be tired and will feel stressed at times, but it’s all a part of the learning experience. The friendships that you make at the EA can last for a lifetime and the team spirit is truly unforgettable. If you really want to develop and become a better leader the European Academy is the place for you!

Kristian Gabriel Olsen, JCI Denmark:

The European Academy is the best development opportunity I have ever received from this amazing organization. If you want to prepare yourself in the best possible way to lead and represent your local chapter, this is the best place of all to do so.

The program is packed with activities that will challenge you both professionally and personally. You will sometimes feel a lot pressure, be frustrated and tired, but it will all contribute to make you the leader of tomorrow. During the academy you are surrounded by a great trainer team who make sure that you from every activity or situation obtains an element of learning and development. Personally, I will always owe a big thank you to the team 2016.

I can only recommend anyone who gets the opportunity to participate to do so. You will never regret!