MartinGustafssonMartin Gustafsson,  JCI Sweden, Head trainer in 2014

“For 6 years I have attended JCI European Academy in different roles and I can truly say that JCI European Academy is an amazing experience. I have met many participants, trainers and JCI World Presidents in the Academy that bears testimony to this and if you really want to make the most out of JCI, you should apply. Like a thousand participants before you – you will learn valuable things about yourself, leadership and make friends for life.”


Deniz Senelt, JCI Turkey, Head trainer 2013Deniz senelt

I was five times part of the EA-trainer team, the first time in 2004. I enjoyed contributing to the development and collaboration of emerging leaders from all around Europe all through those years and finally led the dream team of trainers, as head trainer in 2013. The Academy design combines varied learning and development strategies, providing a platform for discussing diverse opinions, sharing life experiences and learning by doing. I really appreciate the opportunities the EA gives to its trainers, at the end it’s all about touching the lives of young leaders in different ways what makes the EA for trainers so valuable and exciting.

It’s a learning experience for us as well, working together with the best of the best trainers of JCI means lots of planning, discussions, mentoring, debriefing, sharing, stress but also fun at the same time and deep friendships for sure.

Working with the support of a very well prepared COC team makes everything even more memorable, so it’s an unforgettable experience for all – participants, COC members and trainers. This photo in a very special way summarizes my JCI training career, being also a wonderful memory of the many years of efforts to contribute to JCI members. I have the same big smile whenever I look to that frame which shows me together with my team from EA 2013…


UllrikaSellmanUllrika Sellman, JCI Sweden, Trainer in 2014

“To listen is like water, to write it down is like creating ice. Without any materials it’s much easier to carry something frozen” – One of many quotes during the preparations. Being trainer during the European Academy was a great experience and I hope I made it memorable for all lovely participants.
Working in a team of trainer from all over Europe was exhiting and fun. We had different aspects to the team and learned a lot from each other. A great thanks to all of my team mates and the supporting team of trainers
I can recommend every incoming Local President to attend. The network you gain with persons who will be in the same situation next year is awesome. Also the opportunity to test your self, push your abilities of action, create awareness of new aspects and improve your skills as a leader I’m thankful for today!”


Barbara Wolters, JCI the Netherlands, Trainer 2014Barbara 2015

When being a participant in 2013, I realized, that it must be a great challenge to be a trainer in the European Academy. Already being a participant is great: it is the combination of cultural backgrounds, the highly motivated participants and the team-efforts to make the EA a success. It gives so much energy! It is a positive vibe you feel and experience at the European Academy. It’s probably the best opportunity in JCI to learn!  

I regretted leaving Kungälv, and promised myself to do my utmost to be back in 2014. And yes, I came back as an outdoor trainer in 2014.  I loved working together with the outdoorteam. It was fun (and yes! Sweden can be quite sunny on the outdoor day!). It was interesting to hear various methods and opinions and to discuss what the best options are. It is a great opportunity to learn from each other. 

It is the energy… that still makes me smile! It is the feeling… that makes me smile even more! It is a life changing opportunity… so grab your chance!