Academy Director

  • Sanna Raikaa, JCI Espoo, Finland
  • [email protected]
  • +358 50 301 2581
  • 2017 JCI European Academy graduate
  • Sanna joined JCI in 2016 and she comes from JCI Espoo in JCI Finland. This is Sanna’s 3rd year as part of the JCI European Academy Team, and now she is leading proudly the whole project group. Sanna has learned a lot in JCI through many projects and trainings. She has been very active since the beginning of her JCI career, and participated in 38 JCI congresses and conferences so far.  She served as Local President of JCI Espoo in 2018. Professionally, Sanna works a Sales Agent at Turva Insurance Company and runs her own company.   “Live life to the fullest and enjoy the ride!” 

Head Trainer

  • Ullrika Sellman, JCI Sweden
  • 2012 JCI European Academy graduate
  • “Imagine a world with confident young leaders and a happy society, where unemployment and suicidal is eradicated, where the higher purpose is: constant positive change”. Ullrika works with positive change in everything she does. As former business consultant specialised in processes and soft aspects needed to bring value to business, Ullrika just stepped into a Director Expert role to ensure the CGI’s dream. Also, she owns the company Mind Journey, where she’ll enable success with NLP and leadership coaching, consulting and training. To help others is very important to Ullrika, important to a degree so that she learned a lot about herself and her body and brain a few years back. This experience has given the encouragement to provide the possibilities for others to choose a healthy and enjoyable journey. The way of structuring trainings is one of many learnings Ullrika gained as a JCI member since 2008. Following her active participation in the JCI European Academy, she was awarded Local President of the Year in Sweden 2013. And in this learning organisation Ullrika stepped out of her comfort zone and will have the role as National Information Officer 2020. Ullrika graduated as a JCI Trainer in 2012, developed her own courses and has tutored official courses. She is honored to have been appointed Head trainer for JCI European Academy and eager to find the best trainers’ team of all time to make your experience memorable!