Battle of the Baltic

Anna S Aktiviteter, Internationellt

I maj är det dags för tävlingen Battle of the Baltic som i år sker i JCI Stockholms regi. Jag tänkte dela med mig av den engelska informationstexten som har skrivits ihop för detta ändamål. Här finner ni den mest grundläggande infon men ni kan läsa vidare på den officiella webbplatsen för BoB 2015:

Ladies and gentlemen,

Get ready to battle in the middle of May! It’s time for Battle of the Baltic – a tradition that has taken place every year for the past 10 years where JCI Stockholm, JCI Toompea, JCI Helsinki and JCI Mariehamn all compete against each other for the esteemed honour of being the best JCI Chamber in the whole wide Baltic. This year, as reigning champions, it’s time for JCI Stockholm to defend its title from 2014.

The theme for BoB 2015 is SUMMER CAMP! Did you go to summer camp when you were a child? Did you play with your friends in the daytime and sleep in bunk beds at night? Well, if you did, you know what it’s all about and if you didn’t, you get a second chance now! There will be loads of fun and games (and by fun and games we mean dead serious battles) and we will do our best to bring out your inner child. The games might have a bit more of an edge to them compared with the ones played by children, but the bunk beds will still be the same.

Now, you might have some questions. We will guess what they are and if you have any other ones, feel free to contact us…

When will this awesome event take place?

16–17 May 2015


But I feel like coming to Stockholm one day earlier, what do you think about that?

Good thinking, Batman. We think it’s an excellent idea. There will be an informal get-together on 15 May and there is even a chance for home hospitality, meaning staying with someone who lives in the Stockholm area, (available on a first come, first served basis) on 15–16 May.


Will I have to pay a lot to enjoy this marvellous battle?

Not at all. Register before 15 April and pay the early bird price of EUR 99. If you have to clear your schedule first and don’t manage to do it by 15 April, the price will be EUR 119. But please register as soon as possible; there is a limit on the number of bunk beds.


Well, that does sound like a fair price for a dead serious battle. What is included?

This includes transfers from and back to Stockholm city centre, accommodation in a shared room, and meals on 16–17 May, as well as a splendid party where you will meet lots of new friends (although, as we all know, money can’t buy you friendship, so this is not directly included in the price).


What should I wear?

Generally something comfortable and casual during the day, which won’t impede your sword fighting abilities – trainers, jeans/shorts and a t-shirt. You might also want to bring something a little classier for the evening. Perhaps that lovely blue number which really brings out your eyes. (More info about a possible theme for evening wear will come.)


Amazing! Where do I register?



Will I meet BoB?

Now you’re just being silly.


Alright. That settles it then. I shall register immediately!

That is not a question, but we are pleased to hear it. See you in May!