JCI Sweden new project need team members!

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JCI Sweden national board is calling for Your help! We are gathering a team that is going to work on a new attraction for our new members – membership pack. We are looking for one representative of each JCI Sweden chapter that will contribute to reaching one of JCI Sweden goals this year! So what about the project itself.

What is a membership pack?
It’s a file with the most important information for a new member to start in the organization. The content would be designed by the project group, but certain parts will be included by default (JCI vision, mission, values, JCI history).

What is a membership pack for?
This pack will be designed for a new member of JCI Sweden’s local chapter. This pack should give the context for the organization, the deeper insight in the organization, provide useful information about admin related details (email, websites and etc.).

What should be included in the membership pack?
The content would be designed by the project group with a few exceptions. The content was already discussed at JCI Sweden Kick off in January, the notes have been made and they will be discussed again in the project group in the first meeting. Shortly summarizing, the pack could be a leather file, that includes member’s pin and the printed information about JCI, JCI Sweden and JCI Sweden’s local chapter, JCI vision, mission, values, JCI history (to be defined in the project group).

Proposed project group work.
Suggestion would be to have a skype or phone meeting once in two weeks or a month. During the meeting we would discuss the progress, issues, tasks to be done, divide work and discuss the results the next meeting.


Are you interested? Don’t wait and contact your local chapter president or Simona Bockute, JCI Sweden Deputy president 2018, [email protected], for more information!


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