We are JCI Sweden, nice to meet you!

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Dear members, senators, alumni, friends,


The first quarter is far gone and we feel it’s time to meet the teams of JCI Sweden that have planned a great year with a lot of opportunities for the members and communities! Here it goes…


JCI Sweden national board

Daniel Ekman, National President

Catharina Peterson, National President 2017

Erik Walhberg, Secretary General

Ullrika Sellman, National Treasurer

Charlotta Strengbom, Executive Vice President Trainings

Simona Bočkutė, National Information Officer and Deputy President

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And now the local heroes!

JCI Göteborg

Victoria Peterson, Local president

Simon Boson, Local treasurer

Robert Klackenborn, Executive Vice President Program

Marseda Duma, Local information officer

JCI Halmstad

Hanna Johansson, Local President

Max Angenius, Deputy president and Local information officer

Hanne Göransson, Executive Vice President for membership

Linda Uppman, Local Treasurer  Rebecca

Horvath Sundén, Local Secretary

Mikaela Hellström, Local President 2017

JCI Malmö

Paul Wennerberg, Local President

Constantin Copaceanu, Executive Vice President Business

Daniel Wiklund, Local Information Officer

Stina Torén, Local treasurer

JCI Stockholm

Andreas Lindvall, Local President and Secretary

Per Rylander, Local treasurer

Julio Vargas, Local President 2017

JCI Uppsala

Johanna Engström, Local President

Daniel Roos, Local treasurer

Erik Kapinga, Local President 2017

JCI Sweden has JCI Sundsvall chapter in the team too, information is coming very soon!
It seems like a great team for JCI Sweden in 2018! Interested to join a local chapter and meet these inspiring members? Contact your local chapter president by email (((((((([email protected])))))))) or find chapter’s Facebook page for more info which is sponsored by paydayloandiva website. See you at the next JCI Sweden or local event!

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