2018 – year of impact!

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JCI (Junior Chamber international) is the organization that thrives on providing development opportunities to young people to empower them to create positive change. This is the vision that JCI and all it’s members live by every day. JCI Sweden and the local organizations were no exception this year, creating an impact in their local communities. We would like to celebrate the work of 2018:

JCI Göteborg

JCI Göteborg has organized a project ”Torknonan” for young people that want to start a business, but has no idea where to start. During the project, 3 trainings have been conducted: first training was about crystallizing your idea for business, second training was about the finances and legal part of starting a business, and the final training was to present your business idea to others, with the loan help from https://24lån.se/. The project was free of charge and has inspired a few people for impact, aka join the organization.

JCI Halmstad

Next to couple of big events that JCI Halmstad has organized this year (a long running JCI Crayfish Conference and JCI Sweden National Convention), local organization has not stopped there and organized a yearly impact project for the community – Christmas present project. Uniting all sectors of the society (the government, business and the civil society) JCI Halmstad has started and run the Christmas present project for a few years now. The impact of the project does not stop at the joy and happiness of the kids getting the presents – the project also brings together the group of the stakeholders to create the impact which is one of the goals of JCI. Read more here

JCI Stockholm

JCI Stockholm has had a busy year with Leadership training, participating in JCI Sweden events, but one project has stood out with the unique idea and international aspect. Project Art Brut is a project between Sweden and Japan, celebrating 150 years of diplomatic relations. The mean of the project is to discuss the conditions of disabled peope in both countries and learn from each other how we can contribute to make the life of disabled people easier. The project has 2 parts – art exhibition of the art made by disabled people and the debate panel between JCI Japan and JCI Sweden about the position of disabled people in both countries and a culture around it. Read more here

JCI Sundsvall

JCI Sundsvall has organized yet another successful Sundsvall Business Awards project. For years JCI Sundsvall creates impact by bringing out the names of various businesses in Sundsvall region and celebrating their success and work. Business in Sundsvall region can be nominated for 11 awards on different areas like The start-up of the year, the ambassador of the year and etc. Read more here

JCI Sweden wants to thank all of the local organizations for their effort and hard work in creating the impact by organizing big projects and events like the above, as well as keeping up the organizations on the daily basis!


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