The 25th JCI European Academy takes place on August 5th-8th 2022.

If chosen to join the academy, you will work hard before, during and even after the academy.

– As you might have guessed – it is totally worth it and much more!

GDPR-Policy: All the applications will be stored until the end of September 2022. The information will be accessed by the team leaders of JCI European Academy 2022.

  • Review the questions first, e.g. have a photo ready.
  • Copy your answers for the application to a Word document as backup in case the internet blows up.
  • Confirmation will be sent to your email from JCI Sweden (* – please add this domain to your trusted email addresses.

*Note: find more information about price, process, deadlines etc. at: “Good to Know”.

*I confirm the GDPR policy as described:

*First name:

*Family name:

*Full name (shown in badge and in diploma):

*Date of birth: (yyyy/mm/dd)





Use a professional looking head-shot. The dimensions is 256x384 pixels, max 100 kb. The photo will be used in the delegate directory and in your application process.





Do you need an invoice?

Please state the invoice address if other name or address than above:

*Mobile number in an international form:



Employer / company name:

If possible, please leave your employer's contact information so we can contact them for sponsorship purposes.

Contact information to your employer / company (email, web):

*Do you have any allergies / Special food requirements: (eg. no pork meat)


Please specify allergies / special foods

*You will have to walk a lot of stairs, sit down on the floor/ground, and walk a forest path for about 8 km. Your physical condition...

Is ready for it!
Needs to be improved!
Needs to be discussed with the organizers!

*There will be group work assigned, to be conducted between sessions under time pressure which likely will affect your sleep during the whole academy. Your mental condition..

Is ready for it!
Needs rest before and the day after the academy!
Needs to be discussed with the organizers!

Please specify any limitations to be discussed with organizers or medical condition we should know of:

All trainings are held in English. To be able to get the full value of the trainings you need to be able to speak English to be an active participant in group work (hence able to graduate).

*What is the level of your English language skills?


Your JCI information

*JCI Local Organisation (e.g. JCI Göteborg):

*JCI National Organization:

If your JCI National Organization is not in the list, please choose "Provisional / Potential National Organization" and fill in the information below.

For Provisional / Potential; Please provide; Country and name and e-mail of the National President.

*Member of JCI since: (yyyy)

*Current position in JCI:

*Previous position(s) in JCI:

Training participation

As input for the trainer team it is of value to get some information of your current state.

What official JCI courses have you attended and when? (e.g. JCI Discover 2021)

*What official JCI courses are you interested in?

*Are you interested in attending a Pre-Academy course before JCI European Academy starts? (200 SEK/course, 300 SEK/both)

Yes, one JCI course on Thursday evening.
Yes, one JCI course on Friday morning.
Yes, both.
No thank you.

The academy will start on Friday at noon. Pre-Academy courses are held on the evening and morning right before the academy (Details will be checked later with the confirmed delegates).

Have you attended other trainings/courses that we should know about? (e.g. Insights Discovery 2020)

Future plans

*What is your motivation for applying to the JCI European Academy?

*What are your expectations for the JCI European Academy?

*What are you hoping to take with you from the JCI European Academy, when you're back at your Local Organization?

*What are your personal ambitions within JCI the next 1-3 years?

*Why should you be chosen as a delegate for the 24th JCI European Academy? (last chance to convince your JCI National President)


*How did you find out about JCI European Academy?

*** Please only press "ok" once. The confirmation may take a few seconds to go through. If your application was sent correctly, you will get a copy of it to your e-mail.***