Graduates share their JCI European Academy experience

Jana Šabatková, Graduate 2019, JCI Czech Republic

Secretary General 2021, JCI Czech Republic
JCI European Academy? My best investment ever. Greatest value for money and time.

Thanks to EA, I became a stable, self-aware and appreciated leader. Further, it feels like I have a truck full of tools and a global, powerful network for any kind of challenge. EA gave me the unexpected; On the human, the professional and the leadership level. The amount of gained knowledge and experience, resources and energy I took home empowers me every day (still after more then 15 months). I have been in many personal and business situations where I got back to EA and profited out of it immediately.

What more? I have some amazing, crazy and fun memories and a bunch of soul-mates from all over Europe. I do not need to be in contact with my EA team for weeks, months and still I will be there for them and they will be there for me.

Marlen Wehner, Graduate 2018, JCI Germany

National Deputy President 2021, JCI Germany
The JCI European Academy was a truly life changing experience for me.

Little I knew what was expecting me, when I entered the plane in Germany in 2018 heading to the Swedish Gothenborg. As I found out later, this was on purpose, because the JCI European Academy is one of JCI’s best kept secrets. During the five days of the academy I learned so much about Leadership, the Organization, Team Performance and most of all, about myself. I worked hard, laughed, cried and jumped over my own shadow more than once and through this I developed as a Leader and as a person in a way I never would’ve expected – and found friends for life.

This experience helped me to become the best State President I could be and led me further on my journey as I became Skills Development Director and JCI Germany Deputy President the years after. I highly recommend everybody to participate in JCI European Academy and enter the next level of your very own JCI journey.

Grigoriy Gorchakov, Graduate 2018, JCI Russia

Councillor 2021, JCI European Development Council
JCI European Academy still remains one of the brightest international JCI events in which I have participated.

The Academy allows you to completely immerse yourself in an amazing friendly atmosphere for 4 days, in which educational programs, personal growth classes, team building classes, creating new projects and entertainment events are combined throughout the days of participation. Much takes place in a playful way, which allows all the participants of the academy to express themselves to the maximum. It is also very important that the Academy allows in a short time to get acquainted with a large number of active young JCI members from different European countries. I still communicate and maintain relationships with the members who were in my teams. We have a general chat and we are sincerely happy when we manage to meet in person at one or another JCI event.

Participation in the academy is useful for everyone who wants to grow and develop in JCI, create and implement new projects, make new acquaintances and find new friends. I am sure that everyone who has graduated from the Academy always remembers it with warmth. To everyone who has not yet applied for the Academy, be sure to do this!