Meet the team leaders

Morten George, Graduate 2018, JCI Denmark

JCI European Academy Director 2021
JCI European Academy is a well-known brand in many European countries, and this project has a special meaning for a lot of Jaycees. That is also the case for me. I attended the academy in 2018 as a delegate, and I learned so much about myself and my skills as a leader. I met some amazing people, that meant a lot for my personal development – also in the following years.

Afterwards, I knew, I wanted to go back to be a part of this amazing project again, and to give new incoming JCI local presidents the same wonderful experience as I got. I became a member of the COC team in 2019, and the experience was a bit different, but just as valuable. I got some new close friends, that always tries to challenge me to develop myself to become even better.

This year, I got the honor to be the academy director for a project that I care so much about, and I cannot wait to develop JCI European Academy even further in 2021, and I promise you that the 24rd edition will be one of the best ever!

I look forward to receiving your application for JCI European Academy 2021!

Ullrika Sellman, Graduate 2012, JCI Sweden

JCI European Academy Head Trainer 2021
Decided to aim for the local president role the coming year I was told to apply for “THE leadership academy” so I did, and so I spent a week in august since. Of course I refer to the JCI European Academy, which I graduated from in 2012 with great learnings of myself, my leadership and my behavioral preferences.

We act in multiple different roles throughout our lives and in mine as Head trainer I will ensure to make your experience as a participant hence incoming local president memorable. And the learnings won’t just help your year as president, rather all aspects of life thereafter.

To do this I need an amazing team, so first thing is first, trainers/facilitators, previous participants- time to apply for the teams to organize the JCI European Academy! After New Year’s Eve I encourage you as aiming for the local president to take the step and set the ground for an evolved network and great learning experience by applying!

See you in august!