Organizers share their JCI European Academy experience

David Khanna, Graduate 2015, JCI United Kingdom

COC member 2019
My participation as a coc member in 2019 took my appreciation of EA beyond that I previously had as a delegate (which was high already!). Being a part of the team that helps to bring such a life changing learning experience to delegates each year, gave me a great experience of what it means to produce and deliver a world leading training course AND gave me the opportunity to work and grow with a new international team over 9 very intense, but very enjoyable days. I made life long friends and discovered new levels of personal growth while getting to support delegates on their own journey. Recommend to everyone looking to build on their delegate experience.

Anne-Marie Lestic, Graduate 2017, JCI France

COC Members 2019
COC was a second choice for me as I wanted to develop my trainer’s skills to start with. However, I applied to both because I wanted to maximise the possibility to be part of EA. WHY you may ask ? Because, I wanted to know and participate in the behind the scene actions.
After two years of COC duty, I can say that it has been the most impactful experiences in my JCI journey. I have grown my people and process skills in a very fast and fundamental way. Furthermore, having the privilege to see the progress of the delegates on site is very rewarding and empowering.
If you want an adventure and challenge your limitations to a divine level, the COC is a great opportunity and place to do that. The added bonus is that you would get friends for life that understands you and accept you for who you truly are, which is also highly valuable.