TRAINING: What are you standing for as a leader?

jenniahlstedt Aktiviteter, JCI Stockholm

On the 2nd of October 2018 JCI Stockholm kicked off a new program for leaders! We aimed to help our participants to explore the concept of being a leader in a practical way, which means to:
– take actions and responsibility,
– inspire the followers to follow the idea,
– stand for what is most important for a true leader – his personal values and be confident!

One of our participants accepted the challenge from the trainer and demonstrated all free qualities during his task! The other thing we explored during the training was the power of personal values along the decision-making process. As core questions to start this journey with are:
– ”Why we except some of the experience and for the other ones we resist for until we are exhausted?
– What makes us strong to say ”no” for others?”

We were able to reflect on Nelson Mandela’s and Ellen Degeneres’ examples on what helped them to become true leaders, what values they honored in every single step of their life and because of that formed a certain personal brand of a leader. People, like Nelson Mandela, can spend 27 years in the prison, but still feel that it was worthy! There was no loss. And people, who spend their life, honoring somebody else’s interests and values, can have all freedom, but have a meaningful life! That was the power of the values we aimed to explore and have for our leaders!

And of course, we practically defined our personal values. At the end of the training, we made a BIG commitment to honor them in every single day experience, bringing more awareness to our actions and satisfaction at the end of the day! We decided to be accountable and share our results in a Facebook group, where everybody supports each other with positive vibes and empathy!

This is a big practical step in order to help people to explore leadership with JCI! Next step is to learn how we can define the direction we want to move and inspire others. See you at the next training for leaders: Leading needs a direction! How do we discover it?” on the 17th of November 2018.

by Elena Ursu,
СEO and Founder ”In Power Training”
Business Trainer and Coach