Project Art Brut – cooperation between Sweden and Japan

Inspirational Celebration for the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Sweden and Japan

Art Brut between Sweden and Japan is in the context of 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries. This art exhibition is performed in Edsvik Konsthall in Sollentuna, from 3rd of June to 6th of July 2018.

The art works are from both Japan and from two places in Sweden from painters with intellectual disabilities. The first one is Ateljé Inuti, that acts with people who have intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder to create artwork. They operate the activity centers which base on LSS, the law for assistance and services for people with certain functional disorder. There are four activity places in the heart of Stockholm and the participant can create art at home with the guidance of the art in the creative and free atmosphere.

The other source for art works in Sweden is Mentalvårdsmuseet, the museum of art on psychiatric medicine located on Dalarna, in the middle of Sweden. Most of the work made in the hospitals were mainly utility articles and moreover, free creations or creative activities by the patients who were not always encouraged.

On 24th of April, 7 delegates from the Art Brut Project were invited to be official partners in the International Exchange Project for Disabled People’s Culture and Arts.

<– Art Brut Exclusive Opening – 2nd of June

JCI Japan and JCI Sweden Luncheon Meeting and International Forum – 3rd of June

During the panel debate between JCI Japan and JCI Stockholm was opened a situation of disabled persons, projects in both countires, cultural topics, future coopetation between JCI Japan and JCI Stockholm and how we could connect people to become active citizens for a better World, in order to be known to all audience as a leading global network of young active citizens. This event was very important to strengthen relations between two JCI National Organizations.

JCI Japan delegates in the panel: 
Hirofumi Suyama, 2018 Advisor
Seiji “Charles” Okada, Advisor
Shokita Tomo, Chairman for Sports Promotion Support Commission 2018
Yuki Iwami, 2018 Special Board of Directors
Yasuhisa Oda, 2018 Chief Secretary & JCI Japan Branding Committee  

JCI Stockholm delegates in the panel:
Andreas Lindvall, Local President
Hamid Ras, International Coordinator
Stina Torén, Member
Per Rylander, Local Treasurer

Art Brut Forum ”Dialogue on Society, Culture and Innovation” was hosted by Yoshiki Watanabe, ex-Ambassador of Japan to Sweden and Yoshitaka Kasahara, President of Shiga Prefectural Medical Association. During the forum we saw many of the art works being present at the exhibition.

 Afterwards we continued discussions and networking with JCI Japan members at O’Learys.

Some comments about the project:

THE START OF A NEW CHAPTER IN JAPANESE – SWEDISH RELATIONS BASE ON ART BRUT … As a part of long friendship between Japan and Sweden, it is my belief that this event will lead to the start of a new cultural exchange rootdd in art brut that will unite the world of medicine and welfare, which has provided a great deal of mutual learning between the countries in the past…”

Yoshiki Watanabe, Former Japanese Ambassador to Sweden

The Bonds Created between Japan and Sweden by Art Brut … those of us working in the welfare field have deep admiration for Sweden. In studying specialized subjects in the field, it would be no exaggeration to say that Swedish welfare facilities consistently provided us with high-quality teaching materials as well as practical guidelines…”

Yusuki Ohara, Project Director 2018, Japan and Sweden
International Exchange Program for Untrained Culture and Arts

The lunch panel debatt opened the two countries’ situation with the disabled persons and what JCI could do to help connect all the citizens together – in work life and while people get older. JCI became known to all the audience as the leading global network of young active citizens. Well done from all JCI Stockholm members on stage as well as during the mingle afterwards in O’Learys.”

Jenni Ahlstedt, JCI Stockholm

The Art Brut Sweden – Japan project is a culture exchange program between Sweden and Japan, combining to connect Art and sharing knowledge about our respepective welfare systems. JCI Stockholm’s part in this is to share the ”non-political” answers from our members’ view. And the different approaches to the subject were interesting to hear.”

Per Rylander, JCI Stockholm

During 2018 Sweden and Japan celebrates 150 years of diplomatic relations. This anniversary year means a range of activities in both Sweden and Japan.

Hamid Ras, JCI Stockholm

“The cooperation is one of th most important activities for to get a better planet. With Art Brut we can see in one image more than thousand words without lenguage barrier. This event was a good opportunity to appreciate the work from people with intellectual disabilities, and improve our networking and know more about the Japanese culture and JCI projects there.”

Tatiana Pineda, JCI Stockholm

JCI Japan –
Ateljé Inuti –
Edsvik Konsthall –

By: Tatiana Pineda

The Art Brut exhibition at Edsvik Konsthall in Sollentuna is open from 3rd of June to 6th of July 2018. It is really recommended to all JCI Stockholm members, guest members, Senators and alumni to visit the exhibition and mention that you belong to JCI while entering the art hall. See the JCI logos set up as partners of the project.